HOT OFF THE PRESS – 11/13/17

Happy Monday Everyone!

We like to start off each week with a little showcase of products that have been ordered.

The first item is a key holder.  The customer wanted a white base with a distressed black top coat.  We added saw tooth hangers in the back and three hooks for the keys.  The customer requested gold and silver keys and gold writing.  This is what we came up with! <3

key holder

Next up is a very special birthday shirt for our youngest customer.  Lawrence turns 6 tomorrow and he requested the following from Aunt Ashley!  A gray shirt with green, blue, and black vinyl.  He wanted two tyrannosaurus rexes wearing birthday hats and playing, also a presents and a birthday cake.  How did we do, Buddy? <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Another birthday shirt for my work friend, Niki.  She turns 21 tomorrow and wanted the perfect shirt to wear for the event.  She already had an idea in mind, but we made it Trulee Hers!! <3  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Sophia’s mom ordered her two outfits, one for Thanksgiving and one for her half birthday!  Super cute ideas and we were happy to oblige.  Look for the half birthday outfit in next weeks HOT OFF THE PRESS!


This shirt adorns our favorite phrase!! <3

Some personalized glitter christmas ornaments! <3

Thanks for reading and looking!  Let us know what we can make Trulee Yours!!


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