First, I want to thank you all for your patronage and support.  We are so glad that you love our stuff.  It’s so fun creating these custom and handmade items you.  It has been an amazingly busy month but decided not to do our weekly hot off the press posts during the month of December. We didn’t want to chance unintentionally revealing anyone’s Christmas gifts.  Without further ado, I bring you this month’s HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!

This first item is one of my favorites.  This custom coffee mug was ordered by Robyn, for her research assistant turned Med Student.  Congratulations, Future Doctor Martin.  We hope you love your mug!

keep calm future doctor front

Next up, is an order placed by our raffle winner.  Congratulations Mr. Jim Fawcett!!

Next, we have more ornaments (we also did quite a few that we didn’t have a chance to get pictures of)

Lots of Shirts!

Pocket Monograms



rockin aunt

Christmas shirts

Lastly, a few different items we offer, including some personalized glitter wine glasses and custom home decor.

wood photo sign

Again thank you for your patronage, you all are the best part of Trulee Yours!!

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